Fouling and Anti-Fouling Coatings

Marine fouling is often overlooked as a cause for poor performance on the water.  Quite simply, the unwanted build-up creates drag.  In fresh water, fouling results from dirt, vegetable matter, algae, chemicals and other minerals or pollutants.  In salt water, barnacles, moss, and other marine growth often produce a quick and dramatic build-up and if ignored can lead to crevice corrosion.  Crevice corrosion is a chemical reaction that occurs in warm, stagnant, salt water.  Over time, the water trapped underneath the growth will become corrosive to the metal it is attached to.  That's why it is so important to keep your hull and running gear as clean as possible.

Ultimately, using your boat regularly, along with scheduled cleanings is the best way to prevent fouling.  To go a step further, special coatings such as PropSpeed, Velox, and MusselBuster will help minimize growth on your running gear.