Propeller Repair and Reconditioning

No doubt hitting bottom can leave with you with a sinking feeling in your stomach (no pun intended). Don’t lose hope because in most instances the damage is repairable. Bobby Soles Propeller’s repair and reconditioning process can save you a substantial amount of money over buying new propellers.  Regardless of size, material or make, our team of propeller technicians will quickly diagnose and repair your damaged propeller to “better than original” tolerances.

All inboard propellers are repaired to Class 1 and Class S tolerances using the  Prop Scan and Hale MRI computerized measuring system.  Reconditioning propellers to those tolerances will help to eliminate propeller vibration, increase fuel efficiency and maximize speeds while optimizing your engine’s available horsepower.  So remember, in order to maximize performance and operate efficiently, a propeller must be in top condition at all times.  Any distortion from its designed shape and geometry or any imbalance throughout can cause: vibration, loss of thrust, engine damage, drive train damage, increased fuel usage and a general lowering of your boat’s performance.

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Other propeller services offered are:

  • Hub Replacement
  • Pitch Changing
  • Cupping
  • High Polish Finishing

Prop Scan and Hale MRI Propeller Analysis

For inboard propellers, Bobby Soles Propeller utilizes both Prop Scan and the Hale MRI repair systems. 

The computerized Prop Scan was specifically designed to inspect the accuracy and precise hydrodynamic form of Australian, Canadian and US Navy propellers.The accuracy and form or shape of a propeller blade section as it slices through the water determines the ultimate thrust and performance of any vessel.Using Prop Scan technology a Prop Scan Technician will measure your propeller free of charge, check the accuracy against the ISO 484 International Standards and determine the section form of your propeller.To optimize your propeller your Prop Scan Technician can then correct any accuracy problems, apply the correct section form and also tune the pitch of your propellers.An accurate ‘Prop Scan’ propeller with the correct section form and pitch will always out-perform a standard propeller. You will get fuel savings, increased boat speed, reduced vibration, correct engine RPM and correct engine loading.

The Hale MRI is a computer-based propeller measuring system used to tune and repair your propeller. The Hale MRI features linear transducers that transmit extremely precise 3-D data to the computer, including measurements of: pitch, rake, track, spacing, geometry, and camber of ANY propeller.  The Hale MRI measures each propeller blade by profiling the surface of the blade so that we are able to identify those areas that are out of tolerance and correct them.  Using this system allows modifications to be made accurately and efficiently with less metal fatigue than with conventional repair methods.

The Hale MRI is an instrument that gives Bobby Soles Propeller precise, accurate information to enhance their repair capability and each repair with the system produces a detailed report of the propeller’s condition.  A digital history of your propeller is saved in our computer so given accurate performance data we can make further performance improvements on future tunings. We can also replace a lost or seriously damaged propeller with an exact duplicate. With each propeller we tune you will receive an ISO class report documenting the pitch and class of the propeller. This report is recognized throughout the world as proof of the accuracy of the propeller.

Bobby Soles Propeller knows with custom propellers, the precision Hale MRI system is necessary to fully integrate sophisticated design and permit repair. The Hale MRI system can recognize and apply original design data supplied by the propeller manufacturer.  On both custom and standard series propellers, the MRI provides information from which our technicians and customers can address performance issues.  Properly restored propellers can: synchronize propeller loading, improve speed and fuel economy; minimize vibration and noise.

High Speed Computerized Dynamic Balancing

In today’s world of high speed, technologically advanced sport fish and motor yachts, the slightest vibrations can cause major problems.  Using Dynamics Research Computerized Dynamic Balance System gives us a more accurate result over traditional static balancing, allowing us to go a step further than most propeller shops.  If your propeller has been modified or badly damaged, you should have your propellers balanced using Computerized High Speed Balancing; you will immediately notice the difference.  When the Computerized Dynamic Balance System is used along with our Hale MRI Computerized Digital Propeller Measurement System, you can achieve maximum performance!

Sometimes bent propeller blades require a little heat to move them back into position. Here is a time-lapse video of our process.