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before & after

Seal contact area repaired using our cladding process.

The most obvious and major problems you may experience with your rudders and struts, typically from a hard grounding, involves bending.   In rudders, a bent post, or even the rudder blade itself being bent, can alter turning radius.  Depending on the degree of the bend, you may notice this simply by a change in the way your vessel steers.  

Some more minor issues, but much more difficult to  detect is wear and corrosion at or just inside the rudder seal area.  Over time the seal can create a groove around the post that will allow the incursion of water into the seal area.  The stagnant water that sits underneath the seal can then lead to the pitting in the rudder post.  Rudder post damage such as this will eventually cause unwanted water leaking through the rudder post seal into your vessel.  It is very important that when your vessel is out of the water for routine maintenance you drop the rudder and inspect the seal area. Early detection can save you in the long run. The skilled welders and machinists at Bobby Soles Propeller can repair rudder post damage and get you back cruising again in no time.

When repairing your rudder post is not an option let Bobby Soles Propeller fabricate a new one.  Sometimes just replacing the post is a good alternative to replacing the rudder entirely.  Re-posting a rudder and using your existing blade can be done quickly saving you time and money versus replacing the entire rudder.

In the event repair is not an option, Bobby Soles Propeller can fabricate you a new rudder using our CNC plasma cutting table.  Our rudders are made using A22 boat shaft for the post and 316L stainless plate as the blade.  Call us today to get started on your rudders 561-848-6678.