Fabricate - Weld - Repair

When replacing with OEM is not an option, let us help you with our in house custom fabrication, welding, and machining.

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Custom Fabrication

Can’t find what you’re looking for?  Parts no longer available?  Can’t wait 6-8 weeks for the manufacturer?  Is your boat so customized you need that one of a kind piece to do the job?  Look no further than Bobby Soles Propeller.

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Unfortunately, damage to rudders is often overlooked.  However, just like struts, shafts, and propellers, components can be damaged or worn over time.  Seal  contact area damage and slight bends in the post or blade can reduce rudder efficiency.

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Even the slightest groundings can create, that if go unrepaired eventually to more severe issues down the road.  One such case is a bent strut.  A strut that is bent, even slightly, can cause major alignment issues resulting in worn bearings, "wobbly" shafts, and vibration in the propellers.